At Ethos, we believe that healthy individuals make healthy marriages;
healthy marriages make healthy families; healthy families make healthy

We desire to help facilitate people by providing opportunities through
counsel to see and align themselves to the God designed destinies that
He has intended for them. Through our many years of experience, we
have found that these tools (noted below) have been of great benefit in
achieving these goals in many marriages and families.  We invite you to
join us on the journey to your best self!

We believe the building block of a healthy society is a healthy
individual.  Ethos is committed to helping people in overcoming any
concerns, difficulties, and obstacles blocking them from obtaining their
healthy life.  Ethos' unique first step in assisting to achieve that health
goal is Temperament Therapy.  Temperament is a foundational force to
help navigate as we process through thoughts, feelings and
circumstances.  All custom fit towards your health goals.

Both Pre-Marital and Marital Counseling are available.  Temperament
Therapy is first implemented to give greater understanding of the needs
within each partner, in order to be most effective in marital unity.  The
Ethos concept of helping to navigate a marriage in the right direction in
order to achieve their God given destination, is called GCS. (God,
Communication, Spice)  All three are taught in detail, and with strategy
within the relationship, to execute the best plan in reaching success in
the destiny God has called you to.

Family Counseling can consist of, but is not limited to, conflict
resolution, parenting techniques to lower stress within the family unit,
building healthy communication, recognizing the needs of one another
and implementing strategy of how to best meet those specific needs,
promote cooperation and help develop connection, all while creating
and maintaining healthy boundaries.
To begin your counseling
process, please download
and complete the following
intake packet and email it  
2 days prior to your first

Intake Packet
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