Pastors Shawn and Heidi Capozzi are unique in
counseling, in that they are a team, who counsel
primarily together. They have experienced the
extreme benefit of being able to administer
counsel both from the masculine and feminine
perspective to their clients.

Pastors Shawn and Heidi Capozzi have been in
pastoral ministry, inclusive of Marriage and Family
Counseling, for over two decades.  They were both
ordained into the Gospel Ministry in 2004.

Pastor Shawn is the founder and Senior Pastor of
New Season Christian Fellowship, in Apache
Junction, AZ., where his wife, Heidi, serves as
Executive Pastor along his side.

Pastor Heidi is a Certified Temperament Therapist
and has her Masters in Pastoral Marriage and
Family Counseling, through Chesapeake Bible
College.  She is a Clinical Supervisor through
National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA).

Pastors Shawn and Heidi are also the Executive
Directors and progenitors of Ethos Counseling
Institute. (ECI)  ECI has the heart to train and
equip those both gifted and called to the area of
Pastoral Counseling.  ECI affords the opportunity
for those seeking  licensing and accreditation in
the area of Pastoral Counsel to receive their
degree from the NCCA and personal mentorship
from Ethos Staff.
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